Friday, November 2, 2018

Political Junk Mail

I received a flyer from the Utah State Democratic Committee in the mail today that was addressed to me "or current resident." Atop the flyer were the words "Michelle Szetela's Voter Report Card For The 2018 General Election," below which was stated: "According to public records, you haven't voted all the time," then stressing the importance of voting.

There was also a handy color-coded comparison chart with three charts, apparently meant to indicate and compare my level of voting involvement with my neighborhood: Perfect (with five gray bars); me (with three green bars); and Neighborhood (with three gray bars).

According to said flyer, I have a "good" voter turnout rating which is "about average compared to [my] neighbors." I'm sure it's possible I missed quite a few elections during the eight or so years I lived in New York, especially because I never bothered to get a New York State driver's license, but given that (a) I have voted in every single election since moving to Utah in September 2010 (thanks to permanent vote-by-mail measures, for which I signed up immediately upon moving to Utah); and (b) this flyer was addressed to me "or current resident," I question the legitimacy and accuracy of this flyer.

Thankfully, I can "improve [my] score" by voting! Thank goodness. Good thing I mailed in that ballot last week!