Thursday, March 30, 2017

Concerns about Concurrent Enrollment Programs

This is a thoughtful response by a community college dean who responded to a colleague who expressed objections to Early College High School programs - programs that I'm in part interpreting to be Concurrent (or Dual) Enrollment programs.

The curriculum I teach my Concurrent Enrollment (CE) students is 100% exactly the same as the curriculum I teach at Salt Lake Community College I use the same readings, assignments, videos, etc., for all English 1010 and English 2010 classes, regardless of whether my students are in high school or in college...because the high school students who are taking my CE classes are also college students.

As Dean Reed noted similarly, I must be approved annually by the academic department of the discipline in which I teach; I must meet the same academic standards as someone hired to teach at the main campus. Each semester, a liaison from the SLCC English department comes in to do evaluative class observations, and, I'm assuming, can make decisions to rehire, or not, based on what he sees. Each year I go to a mandatory multi-hour training workshops in which pedagogy, grading standards, expectations, etc., are discussed.