Monday, March 7, 2016

Teaching Loophole

Let's see what I can do to clarify an odd situation:

  • Since January 2010, I've been teaching English 1010 (Introduction to Writing) and English 2010 (Intermediate Writing) at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). I've taught at the Jordan campus; the Taylorsville/Redwood campus (which is considered the main campus); a hybrid in which I taught at an American Express building, with part of the class being held face-to-face, and the other part was held online; and completely online.
  • I now also teach full-time at Copper Hills High School (CHHS). This year I teach 10th grade, 12th grade, and four Concurrent Enrollment (CE) classes (two per semester). This year, those CE classes are offered through SLCC; high school students who want to take these college classes apply for admission to SLCC, and then enroll in one of the English 1010 sections. 
  • So this particular year, I'm teaching English 1010 through CE at Copper Hills through a program offered by SLCC, and English 2010 at SLCC. I'm a SLCC adjunct who teaches both at a SLCC campus and at CHHS.
Today I learned I may be required to take a two-day training on teaching English 2010, since I'll be teaching 2010 at CHHS next year, even though I've been teaching 2010 at SLCC this year. The training coincides with the end of the summer session, which could be difficult given that I'll be teaching 1010 at SLCC this summer. The second day of the training would be held on the last day of my summer classes, and while one of the two classes I'll be teaching is entirely online, the other is a traditional face-to-face class that meets for nearly three hours twice a week, so I'm not sure how I'd swing that.

I'm hoping I can get the training waived altogether. I'll still need to take a two-hour training of an unknown variety, but this will be easier to fit into my schedule than a two-day training.

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