Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Small Life Update

I've been  a long, in a manner of speaking. Last week was rough, but generally I've just been plugging away.
  • A colleague's wife died a few weeks ago; the memorial service was held at school last weekend. It was rough, as these things tend to be. She was a young woman who left behind her husband and a little girl.
  • My car's clutch needs to be replaced (I barely got home after the memorial service), so I've been driving around a rental car for the duration. Yesterday after school I temporarily lost the rental car in the school's parking lot. Like seemingly every other car, it's a silvery white sedan, so I kept walking around trying to unlock several cars until I found mine. I was slightly worried that someone would mistake my incompetence for attempted burglary.
  • Last night I completed the first class - Foundations of ESL Education - for my ESL endorsement. All the classwork has been graded; it looks like my final grade will be a 99.87%. (I lost two points in a discussion post.) Next week the second class - Understanding Language Acquisition & Cognition - begins.
  • Yesterday an abstract I submitted for Beyond the Frontier: Innovations in First Year Composition was accepted. (I'm told that the second volume, of which my paper will be a part, will be published in 2017.)
  • Niall turned 10 months old last week. He's pulling himself up and standing, crawling in fits and starts, has two bottom teeth, and is eating things like kiwi and peas. He's quite adorable. I haven't FaceTimed with him since Christmas, I think, but I think that should be remedied.

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