Sunday, December 20, 2015

Notes from a Weekend

This weekend, a lot of running around happened.

(I was going to bullet point this list, by the way, but I'd have needed to indent things and I'm too lazy to look up the HTML code to indent.)

I had an early dismissal from school on Friday, which made me happy because I had a lot (two) errands to run after school.

Two is not a lot of errands, but it involved a trip to the UPS store, which meant three trips of transporting holiday gifts from the trunk of my car into the store, and then waiting as the lone UPS clerk assisted approximately 3,247 other people, only some of who came in after me but who didn't feel compelled to give up their space. Shipping was only somewhat expensive, but only because I wasn't organized enough to take everything to the UPS store earlier in the week. In any case, I spent close to 45 minutes waiting and/or prepping all the gifts at the UPS store.

I then had to drive across the valley to the mall to the local Apple store to get my MacBook Pro fixed. The o on my keyboard had stopped working, or was working extremely intermittently, for more than two weeks, but I didn't want to be without my laptop for any amount of time because all my passwords are stored on my laptop and they're all different and I can never remember them all which is why the computer remembers them for me, but which if I try to enter in the password myself means I'll eventually get locked out of [insert site here] which means I go through the process of resetting the password, which must be different than all the passwords I've used in the past year, which I can't remember because they're all different.

I have problems.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Apple Genius bar, and the nice lady said they could order a part and they could fix it in-store, but it would take probably 3-5 days, and I can't really not do the grading for that amount of time, so I said I would bring my laptop back this weekend.

After the UPS store, I drove the half hour across the valley to get to the mall, and then it took me another 15-20 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the Apple store, because I parked close to a mile away plus I was exhausted and I walk slowly anyway). (Of course. after the fact I remembered where to park so that it would be a lot closer and I wouldn't be accosted by everyone who works in those little kiosks who want to sell me perfume and makeup and hair stuff and electronics and things I don't care about.) I dropped off my MacBook, then followed the very slow drivers back across the valley, and got home approximately the time I normally would have had I left school two hours previously.

Yesterday was Ed's birthday, and somehow I managed to win tickets to the Christmas concert that featured the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the Orchestra at Temple Square, and the Bells on Temple Square, and featured performances by Broadway singer Laura Osnes and Metropolitan Opera soloists Erin Morley, Tamara Mumford, Ben Bliss, and Tyler Simpson. We had dinner at the New Yorker, after which it took us more than an hour to drive the 3/4 of a mile to the Conference Center where the concert was being held. We did miss the opening number (we missed the dancing girls!) but so did quite a few other people. The performances were spectacular, and it was a wonderful concert all around.

This morning I was able to retrieve my now-fixed laptop, and tomorrow I have a handful of magazine projects to correct for my college students, and some low-level preparation to do before we fly out to California on Wednesday.

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