Saturday, October 24, 2015

Feeling Good

I'm feeling happy these days. I'm enjoying teaching at my new school, where I feel supported and liked, and I'm enjoying many of the classes I teach. (The 12th graders are still challenging, but we're slowly warming up to each other.) Because I'm getting a regular paycheck, because I have my own retirement fund (and, if I ever need it, a health plan), I'm starting to feel good about myself for the first time in a very long time. Because I'm feeling good about myself, I want to take care of myself, which led to my having rejoined a gym this morning.

I had been a member of the local Curves for years, but I eventually canceled my membership because my teaching schedule and the amount of time I spent commuting made it difficult to exercise during the hours they were open. I joined a Planet Fitness, which was open 24/7, but I missed socializing with the other women who regularly attended and whom I was getting to know, and I rarely saw anyone using the Planet Fitness circuit. There wasn't the same level of attention given to the members are there was at the local Curves, which was what I really missed. I used the treadmill, but treadmills are boring as hell; if I walk, I might as well walk for free outside, or use the treadmill at the clubhouse.

My teaching schedule is more regular now, and I'm doing a lot less driving. Not only that, but the gym is three miles away from school; home is two and a half miles. The school day ends early enough that I can get to the gym and still be home mid-afternoon. I dislike working out, but if I can talk to people who know or recognize me, I'll actually exercise, which is the important part.

I also know that I spend a lot of time indoors, but between given how fair I am (lots of freckles) and living at a high altitude (about 4,600 feet), I'm cautious when it comes to spending too much time in the sun. I'm going to try to balance a need for exercise and spending some time outside by going for a 30-40-minute walk a few times a week, at least while the weather is nice enough to do so. Today was a gorgeous day for a walk: cool but still warm in the sun, and some really cooling breezes. And some pretty fall flowers.