Friday, March 27, 2015

Case of the Mondays

Even though today's Friday, I'm having a massive case of the Mondays, à la Office Space.

This morning I woke to discover that over the course of the past day or two, someone had charged several thousand dollars to one of my credit cards, include multiple large purchases from Amazon,, and a $985 donation to charity. At least they're using the stolen funds for good, I guess? (And of course, I still have the credit card, so it's not like it was lost.) This also explained the text I got regarding how close I was to reaching my credit limit, which I am simply nowhere close to. Fortunately, I got to school a bit early and could take care of this issue; I'm not responsible for these charges, and a new credit card is on its way. I have a new appreciation for the credit card fraud alert, despite my previous experiences in which one of our joint credit cards was frozen because of a routine grocery store trip and iPhoto purchases.

Then first period arrived, and I had me some feisty students. One student, whom I wouldn't allow to go to the library because someone else asked first told me she was going to make things difficult for me. (Good luck with that.) Another student who wasn't here all week, and therefore had a lot of work to make up, muttered a question about the point of all this work. No, my dear girl, there's no point to poetry as such, but there is a point to writing, being coherent, and understanding linguistic patterns. Any decent job that's worth having requires you to be able to communicate (and probably even write) well, so that's what I'm trying to teach you, even if you won't see that for a long time. (Of course,  I didn't see that in high school either, because I couldn't envision what type of career I'd have.)

I started to develop a cold a few days ago; it began with a slight earache on Wednesday, then progressed to a sore throat and usurping all the household tissues yesterday. I'm so glad today is Friday. Next week we finish our poetry unit, and the week after that is Spring Break.

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