Friday, November 21, 2014

NaBloPoMo: Recipe Memoirs, Part 1

In the college English classes that I teach, near the end of the semester students write a recipe or food memoir and share their memoirs while bringing in samples of the food. There are three days' worth of presentations, and yesterday was the first day in which students brought in food. It was really nice to see what students brought in, and to have a chance to just relax as a collective group and eat together, even if it's not something we would have done otherwise.

From the first class, clockwise from
bottom left: Chelsea tart,
peanut butter Rice Krispie treat,
Chinese noodle cookies (haystacks),
and chocolate no-bake cookies.
from the first class:
macaroni and tomato juice
from the second class:
bigos (Polish hunter stew)
from the second class: pink salad
from the second class, clockwise
from left: Rotkraut (sweet and sour
red cabbage), pumpkin cheesecake,
Rollo cookie, and pumpkin roll
from the third class, clockwise from the top:
pumpkin chocolate chip muffin,
Danish butter cookies, a homemade egg roll,
a dolmade (stuffed grape leaf)

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