Saturday, November 29, 2014

NaBloPoMo: The Passenger Pigeon (Fold the Flock)

A few months ago, the Smithsonian ran an article on Passenger Pigeons. An origami pigeon was included, such that one could fold a Passenger Pigeon to commemorate their extinction. This morning Ed kindly folded the pigeon for me (I'm terrible at origami).

The attached was part of the origami sheet:
Huge flocks of Passenger Pigeons once flew across our skies. Millions of birds would pass overhead, blocking the sun and darkening our skies for days. Because there were so many, no one dreamed they could ever be gone. But as the population of the United States grew, and the demand for food increased, they were nearly all killed by hunters. 
On March 24, 1900, a boy in Pike County, Ohio, shot the last recorded wild Passenger Pigeon. 
Fourteen years later, in 1914, the last captive Passenger Pigeon, Martha, died in her cage at the Cincinnati Zoo. 
The story of the Passenger Pigeon extinction reminds us that sometimes the natural world is more fragile than we think. To help remember the Passenger Pigeon, we are folding origami pigeons to recreate the great flocks. Please fold a Passenger Pigeon and help to Fold the Flock.

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