Friday, November 7, 2014

NaBloPoMo: Family Talents (the Teaching, Engineering, and Music Edition)

Talents seem to run in families; it's not unusual for there to be several people in an extended family working in similar or related fields. In my own family, teaching and engineering run throughout: My grandfather was an engineer; my grandmother, her brother, and both my parents were teachers; an aunt and two uncles are engineers; two cousins that I can think of offhand are also teachers. And of course I'm a teacher, too, while another cousin is busy completing his undergraduate degree in filmmaking (the engineering bent showing up in my cousin's tech fu; his father, my uncle, has a strong background in engineering and programming).

There's a musical bent that run through the family, though, too: My brother and I both had music lessons; when I was a child, my mother played the organ at church for many years; my aunt plays (or had, at one point) the violin at her church; I was involved with the choir and musical theater in high school. Many of us can carry a tune and love music; the aforementioned cousin who's getting a degree in filmmaking is an award-winning dancer, and one of my great-grandmothers had apparently been quite the fiddler.

It's the musical gene that has been passed down very strongly to my cousin Bronwyn, who graduated with a degree in violin performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2013. Since graduating she's been very busy, giving lessons, attending workshops throughout the northeast, and performing most recently as part of Blue Hat, Yeah! and Mile Twelve.

I think that for many people, there isn't just one career we can follow based on our skills, talents, and interests. We're better at some things than others, but even the comparably lesser talent may lead to a good career - and not everything we're good at needs to be career-worthy for us to enjoy it.

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