Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Year Three

Three years ago today, this happened:

From Our Wedding

It's been a good year. Last summer, we took our Icelandic honeymoon, in which we spent 19 days in June and July driving around the Ring Road, the national road that runs around the exterior, and generally poking our noses into interesting things. It was a beautiful, much needed trip that we thoroughly enjoyed, an extended time together to recalibrate ourselves.
We've started the adoption process, having taken a rather long time to finish the home study process. The first adoption agency we chose didn't work out (once they found out we had a retirement fund, the agency tried to get several thousand more dollars from us), but we found another with which we're happy. (Now we wait.)

I'm halfway done with my graduate degree; although I'm still awaiting my grades from my last semester, I'm doing well. I'm registered for four summer classes (one of which started earlier this week), will take the next-to-last class in the fall, and the final class next spring.

Tonight's celebration: dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House and a Nickel Creek concert.

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