Saturday, May 3, 2014

DestructoGirl: The Accident

A few weeks ago I was in a car accident, thereby eliminating our now former Ford Escape from ownership. I was technically at fault because I was making a left at an uncontrolled stop (and therefore did not have the right of way), but I wasn't hurt; I was a bit achy the next day but gave myself the day off (which meant no homework or teaching prep), took some Aleve, drank tea, and read a book.

The damage didn't look too bad, but the frame was damaged
to the extent that the cost of repair would have been more
than the car was worth.
Apparently the car door could fit in the trunk.
The damage was largely structural.
In any case, this means we had to go buy another car; I wasn't keen on walking to work, which I technically could have done, but 3 miles with some heavy stuff is just not convenient (and I won't necessarily be teaching at the same campus each semester). A few years ago we had bought a Toyota Yaris, a manual which got great gas mileage and which I drove because I was driving 60 miles round trip two or three times a week to get to a teaching job. I only taught there for two semesters, though, after which I began teaching much more closely to home - which meant Ed had the longer commute, so he began driving the Yaris. So last weekend we bought a 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE. And because I'm driving much less, it seemed only fair that Ed get to drive the shiny new Camry.

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