Saturday, December 28, 2013

Book Purchases / Reading List

For years now I've had an Amazon Wish List. I mostly use it to remember books to check out at the library (if the library has them), or, a bit more rarely, to bookmark things I'd like but can't really afford or justify buying right away. Sometimes I get something sent to me from my wish list - Justin and Cheng sent Ed and me some really beautiful knives, which I did have on my wish list - but I can't remember the last time someone has sent me a book from my wish list, which bums me out (probably too strong a phrase) because I don't really want or need things: I want to read, and between teaching and taking classes, I rarely get to read for fun as much as I'd like. I guess people think that they should send something more expensive, but it's the books that take me happy.

For Christmas this year, though, among other things I got an Amazon gift card from my parents, so I went ahead and ordered several books which I probably won't get a chance to read until summer. Many of them were used, because I'm cheap that way; I don't generally care if they're not "new," although I do prefer the most recent editions.
Not bought using my gift card because I'm an idiot and had temporarily forgotten about it led me to outright buy these books:

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