Thursday, March 21, 2013

Las Vegas Photographic Evidence

For my birthday this past February, Ed bought me a 4GB MinoFlip HD, which holds about an hour of video. It's a cute little thing - I had a previous iteration, slightly larger, that wasn't HD - and I'd had my eye on an updated version for our impending trip to Iceland. (I did have two digital cameras that I donated a few months ago; I hadn't used them in years; my iPhone 4S takes really good pictures.) While I didn't take a lot of video footage last weekend, I did take some, and put it together in a short little video.


I took some pictures with said iPhone last weekend when Mom and I were in Las Vegas. (I wish I could embed the photo album but Google is being wonky and keeps redirecting me from Picasa to GooglePlus, which doesn't yet allow me to embed photo albums.)

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