Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frustratingly Bad Arguments

Clearly one is not going to agree with everyone else about everything; regardless of how much you might love another person, ideologies rarely match up completely. But many of the anti-gay-marriage arguments really strike me as ridiculous and shallow.
  • "Marriage should be defined as that which is between one man and one woman because that's what the Bible says it should be." This definition works for one fragment of the population, but most of the world does not follow the Bible, and maintaining that everyone should follow the beliefs of a minority is idiotic. (Besides which, there is more than one translation of the Bible; whose is correct, yours or mine?) And how much do we want the cultural norms and mores of an ancient Middle Eastern culture dictating modern day lifestyles if people are going to be oppressed and not granted equal rights?
  • "It'll lead to plural marriage and bestiality!" Ahh, but these can be construed as separate issues, "marriage" being between two and only two consenting adults at a time.
  • "Well, I know a lot of gay people, and most of them are really immature because they came out late, and haven't matured within their sexuality." Alas, one can't use one's personal definition of maturity to prohibit two people from marrying, otherwise we'd all know many, many straight people who shouldn't have gotten married for that same reason. One also can't - or shouldn't, at any rate - use personal experience to prohibit one segment of the population from doing something because a singular person has had negative experiences with an even smaller segment of the population.
  • "They can't have biological children!" Most of them can, just not with each other "the old-fashioned way"; a gay or lesbian couple would need outside help (if you will). Many straight people who marry cannot have children due to infertility, yet we don't prohibit them from marrying. And not everyone who marries should have children, anyway.

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