Saturday, March 16, 2013

4Cs 2013: Saturday

I tried to go to three sessions today, but I was partly stymied.

I did go to "The Multi-Media Classroom," in which Mary Fakler and Joan Perisse of SUNY New Paltz  spoke about the ways they collaborated and incorporated new and emerging technologies into their composition classrooms while using multimedia approaches to writing at both New Paltz and Marist College.

I attempted to attend "Narratives at Work and in School Settings to Teach Writing and Critical Thinking," but the the chair got upset several times at the prospect of anyone closing the door; because I couldn't hear over the noise in the hallway, I left after a few minutes.

I made another session afterwards, though: "The Impact of Social Class on Basic Writing Pedagogy," where I heard William Thelin, from the University of Akron, discuss basic writing and the forgotten middle class. Because of time constraints, though (Mom and I were planning on exploring the environs and didn't want to leave things too late), I was unable to hear Dawn Lombardi, also from the University of Akron, or Shelley DeBlasis from New Mexico State University at Carlsbad speak, which I would have liked to have done.

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