Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Chicken Farm and a Sheep

The past few months, I've been donating on the first of the month in various ways ChildFund - the first of the month always seemed like a good way to remember to donate - but this month I dropped the ball and forgot until this evening, so I rectified the situation by perusing their Gift Catalog's Farm Animals section (a section I've never donated from before) and found a couple ways to help:
  • One chicken farm with 25 chicks ($72): This chicken farm generates income for family farmers. The gift of a chicken farm offers real hope for family farmers in Brazil and Mexico. In a community setting, they will learn effective ways to raise free-range chickens. These chickens and their eggs are in high demand in the local market. And by working together, the farmers can generate much-needed income for their familes. Your gift will provide a farm start-up kit of 25 chicks for one family.
  • One sheep for a family in Africa ($99): Sheep are needed in Ethiopia, Guinea, and The Gambia. Families in Africa tell us that sheep are an important, reliable source of income. Sheep provide milk for children to drink, and wool to make into warm blankets or to sell. Sheep manure is an excellent source of fertilizer. And as the sheep reproduce, the lambs can be sold or passed along to other families to start them on the road to financial security as well.

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