Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Party

Last night Ed and I went to a New Year's party at our church. We were both still pretty tired after our travels, but we were really glad we went to this party. The DJs - a husband and wife - were pretty bad: They played mostly Mariachi and Latin music and disco music (is there Mariachi disco music?), which I suppose was appropriate since the husband was Hispanic and they were both of my parents' generation; there were persistent technical difficulties with the CDs and sound system such that a song would get stuck (kind of like a record), or stop abruptly. It was so loud that we couldn't have proper conversations with each other or the other two couples at our table; the other two couples at our table left before midnight.

But we danced a lot and made fun of each other's dance moves. We're awful, and we're so awful we made fun of ourselves, and we had so much fun, because we relish being those out-of-shape ugly people who are sickeningly happy and in love and don't care about how awful they look and dress and dance.

It was great.

And so begins a new year. I don't make New Year's Resolutions, really; I never quite saw the point. But this year I'd like to continue learning to take better care of myself. I'd like to continue taking care of Ed. I'd like us to - finally - take a honeymoon. I'd like us to start the adoption process for the first of (we hope) two kids. I'd like to continue being involved in my parish's women's group and Parish Council.
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