Monday, January 7, 2013

Eating & Exercise: What Works

Several months ago, one of my friends told me about a program called Eat-2-Liv, started by her dietitian sister-in-law, that was meant to focus on mindful eating and learning to eat better. I wasn't quite ready to register for the pilot program, which I would have found difficult to take part in through the holidays, but I did register for the session that began today. I have two friends enrolled in the program (my friend and her husband), and in the spirit of community and "doing this together," we've been posting on the FaceBook group as well.

Which has gotten me thinking about the exercising and eating I've been doing for several months now:

  • I bought a kitchen scale in November to weigh food portions. (Unless something is a liquid, I just can't get a feel for what two ounces, or 30 grams, or whatever, is.)
  • I can't quite remember when I joined Curves - last summer - but I've been going three to four times a week. Occasionally there's something going on which prevents me from going four times a week (or at all, like when we visiting my folks for Christmas), but I manage to make it in at least three times a week; the goal is to burn at least 1,800 calories a week just by working out. Sometimes that doesn't happen if I don't work out 4x a week, but it does otherwise.
  • I bought a scale in August, and began weighing in on a weekly basis in mid-September. I record my weight on the WeightRecorder iPhone app, in conjuction with the MyFitnessPal iPhone app to track my weight and food. MyFitnessPal also recalculates my caloric intake based on the amount of weight I've lost. I started out at 1,800 calories a day, and now I'm down to 1,450 calories per day. I can also add my Curves cardio exercise and calories burned.
  • And lastly, I bought the Striiv Play pedometer, which fits nicely in my pocket, and which calclulates my steps taken, stairs climbed, miles walked, calories burned, and minutes of activity. It connects to the iPhone app via bluetooth, and even interfaces with the MyFitnessPal iPhone app with a Striiv calorie adjustment. It's not perfect; sometimes it'll tell me, for example, that I've climbed 3 stairs when I've just walked up the 15 stairs in our house. 

Something is going right; I've lost 35 pounds since I've started using MyFitnessPal in mid- August, and 28.2 pounds since I've started using WeightTracker in mid-September.

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