Monday, December 17, 2012

The Saga of the Couch

A few weeks - months? - ago, we decided we needed a new couch. The couches we'd bought previously, a year or so ago, turned out to be a real piece of junk (to borrow Ed's phrase); the loveseat we didn't really use, so that was still in good shape, but the larger one, which included two sections that extended out, had parts that broke (one side multiple times), which means the couch had to be rigged so we could still extend the thing. Plus one side's cushion got completely crushed merely by sitting on it.
So we finally decided that we had had it, and we did some couch shopping. We went to Crate and Barrel, and IKEA, and probably a few other places I can't remember anymore, but we kept mentally going back to one of the first couches we'd seen at Crate and Barrel, a sectional that we could customize by choosing the fabric and configuration we'd like. We were told it would probably come in late January or February, that it would take about 12 weeks, since each couch was made by individual craftsmen.

We were surprised to get a call about two weeks ago, telling us that our couch would be delivered this past Saturday, which meant we had to figure out how to get rid of our old couches. They're big and heavy and there's no way I could even help, but unfortunately, there was no one else could help, either - Alex was off flying and we don't have any other guy friends in the area. Renting a moving van and/or a couple of moving guys simply to help us move the couches from the living room to the garage, or to the local charity drop off, would have cost nearly $400, and for about 30 minutes of work, that seemed a bit ridiculous. Fortunately, with some finegeling and the hand cart, Ed was able to move the couches out of the house.


We're leaving the couches in the garage until such time that we can arrange for either Catholic Relief Services or Deseret Industries to come pick them up. Whomever we can get to pick them up will probably want them on the sidewalk, but I'm hoping that we can either slide them out of the garage to the sidewalk (perhaps ten feet), or, even better, they'll just come in to the garage to get them.


Meanwhile, for a night or two, our living room looked really empty. We felt like newlyweds (more than we already are), moving into our first house and getting our first furniture. At least we were able to vacuum up all the crumbs and dirt that had been collecting under those couches for over a year, but for two nights we were relegated to watching TV while sitting on our dining room chaits, which are comfy for dinner, but not for watching TV.


But bright and early Saturday morning, our beautiful new couch was delivered! We'd been told to expect the delivery men between 9 and 11 a.m., but at 8:15 a.m. they called telling us they were on their way, and 15 minutes later, they had arrived. They were really friendly and professional and effecient, and we're really pleased with our new couch, which includes a sofa bed. It's really comfortable, and we're happy with how it looks (the floor model had a different fabric). Slowly we're developing our own sense of style - such as it is: Simple, clean lines and colors, and comfortable.
The couch could be all one piece, but we left a little space open so that a table and one of the speakers could be between them.


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