Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree & Table

We're going out of town for Christmas this year, so it would be a bit silly to get a full-sized tree (I refuse to do a fake tree; there's no reason for it, since neither of us is allergic), but I did want to have something festive, so I sprang for a prelit balsam tabletop tree which now sits atop our new dining room table.

And it was time for us to get a new table; we'd wanted one that could sit more than four people comfortably. A few weeks ago, we'd made a trip to our local IKEA, where on a previous visit some time back we'd seen a dining room table we'd both really liked. Fortunately, it was still in stock, so last weekend Ed put it together, and this weekend he put together three of the six chairs we got to go with it. We got a larger version of this table, which will seat 10-12, in the color shown (antique stain). It's a really nice table; it comes with two leaves that are stored directly under the table.

For our wedding we'd gotten some beauful white place mats and matching napkins; last week I ordered quilted chair pads, and I have some table cloths on the way (one in blue and one in white). We're becoming quite fancy, here in the Szetela household.

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