Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Mama Kit and a Bicycle

Last month I decided that on the first of each month, I'd make a donation through ChildFund. I wish I had more to donate; I see quite a few opportunities I wish I could donate money to, but it's just not possible. But because I'm donating something every month, I can choose a few different things each month.

In November I was able to feed 30 orphans for a week at the Namma Makkala Dhama orphanage in India; I was also able to provide fresh milk for one month for 30 children, also in India.

This month, I focused on girls and women: I donated a a Mama Kit for a pregnant woman in Uganda ("The Mama Kit contains supplies for a pregnant woman to use during and after delivery. The kit is combined with education to equip women for safe birth under the care of qualified professionals.") and a bicyle ("Girls in India and Sri Lanka struggle to continue their education ebcause they have to walk such long distances to school. A bicycle will help a student stay in school because it won't take her as long to get there,and she will have more time to apply to her studies.").

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