Sunday, November 4, 2012

Voting Women Are Dangerous

Voting happens on Tuesday. I voted weeks ago - Utah offers permanent absentee ballots, which I signed up for when I moved to Utah and regsitered to vote (and then I had to re-register for the absentee ballots after we got married, what with the name change fun).

It was interesting to see the actual list of presidential candidates; without the absentee ballot, the first time I would have seen the full list of presidential candidates, let alone my walking into the voting booth on Tuesday would have been the first time I had even seen the other candidates. That, of course, is my fault for not having thought of looking into these things more closely, but with the absentee ballot, I was given the opportunity to research each and every candidate, from the presidential race down to the local elections. In terms of the presidential election, my vote didn't change, but I took a couple hours over the course of a couple days to educate myself.



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