Friday, November 30, 2012

Thoughts on Travel

And so concludes my foray into NaBloPoMo; with the exception of one blog entry, I've blogged every day. Some days were easy; some were difficult in that I just couldn't think of anything interesting to write about: nothing was preying on my mind; I wasn't ruminating on anything in particular; nothing newsworthy had happened at work.

I've been thinking about travel lately, though. I used to dislike traveling: I didn't know what to expect or how to navigate any place that wasn't the States. More travel experience helped with that, as did getting older, and being able to conrol where and when I traveled. Having good people to travel with also made a difference - friends who were relaxed and flexible and interested.

I recently applied for Irish citizenship. I had all the necessary papers for about six or nine months but not the money, but things have improved on that front, so a few weeks I sent in my application, and all the necessities. It'll take a while.

I do enjoy watching travel shows on TV; last night and tonight Ed and I were watching a PBS special on ancient Ireland, and our TiVo had gone through a phase in which it recorded a lot of Burt Wolf's Travels & Traditions and Rick Steves. Our list of places we'd like to visit is slowly growing; at this rate, we're going to have a take extended leaves of absence just to go everywhere we'd like to.
That Ed works for an airline is a big help, financially; it removes a major financial obstacle and allows us to do other things we might not be able to do.

The last two summers, we hit a few rough spots so we've had to postpone our honeymoon, but we're hoping to be able to finally get to Iceland during Summer 2013. Traveling around the Ring Road appeals to us, especially since we'd be able to hop on and hop off to see glaciers, fjords, whales, and whatever other wild things lurk in Iceland. I suppose we should be going to Hawaii or Paris for our honeymoon, but we'd rather do something different.

Greenland appeals to me, also. It's so remote. The list grows!

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