Saturday, November 24, 2012

This Weekend's Project: Bookshelf

Today's project: cleaning out the bookshelf. It was overcrowded, so we went through each shelf, cleaned them, decided what could stay and what would go, and donated large pile to DI, most of which included large piles of books and CDs, which made more space for other books. But the bookshelf looks a lot better, a lot cleaner, and with a whole lot more space.


We've been cleaning out our house like mad people; last weekend we went through about 10 storage containers' worth of things we'd gotten from Ed's mother's house, and rearranged the storage we had in our garage, yet we had so much to donate, we had to put down the back seats of the SUV.

There's still more to donate; we have other kitchenware we don't need that needs to be gone through and donated.

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