Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Election "Disaster"

[Albert] Mohler at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says evangelicals now need to approach politics in a fundamentally different way. They need to bend a little on issues of lesser importance — for example, supporting candidates who have different ideas about the role of government — but who agree with them on marriage and life issues. And most important, Mohler says, evangelicals need to reach beyond their suburban walls.

"If we do not become the movement of younger Americans and Hispanic Americans and any number of other Americans, then we will just become a retirement community," he says. "And that cannot, that cannot, serve the cause of Christ."

I'm wary of any group of people who believe that their way is the only way that people can or should live. "Because it's in the Bible" and "this is what Jesus says about it" doesn't work if most people don't follow your version of the Bible. I wish people of extreme opinion on all sides could see that we live in a world with multiple ways of living, and that it's okay if people lifestyle choices are different than your own. Your own standard or morality is, for better or worse, not something everyone will heed to. And bringing it to the level of nastiness or disparaging personal attacks makes it impossible to take such attacks seriously.

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