Sunday, November 18, 2012

Political Finds

It's pretty easy to get outraged about politics, especially when it comes to extremes, whether those extremes be wait times or points of view.

There are issues with excessively long wait times to vote: "[W]hat happened this weekend in Florida is simply unacceptable. According to a local election official interviewed by CBS News' Phil Hirschkorn, the last "early voter" in line for Saturday's truncated early voting in Palm Beach County finally got to cast a ballot at 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, which means that voter waited in line for more than seven hours. In Miami, another traditional Democratic stronghold, the wait was said to be nearly as long."

There are issues with folks on all sides of the political spectrum who are hostile to the other side: "This month's presidential election was between two fairly centrist candidates. And yet political discourse between ordinary Republicans and Democrats is more contentious and hostile than it's been in decades. I bet you strongly agree with one of these statements:
  • If you're a Democrat: The Obama campaign for reelection was run largely based on telling the truth. The Romney campaign was largely based on lies.
  • If you're a Republican: All political campaigns stretch the facts from time to time to make a point. Romney and Obama both did.
I'd like to suggest that both these statements are false."

And, of course, people freaking out about Obama's reelection, and being convinced that Obama will single-handedly bring the downfall of the world.

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