Monday, November 5, 2012

Parish Council

Around the time I joined my church, Fr. C. waylaid me and asked if I might be interested in joining a parish council that he was putting together. He wasn't quite sure of any specifics - how many parishioners would join, or even what we'd do - but it was something he'd been thinking about for awhile, and would I be interested in becoming involved? I was new to the parish (this conversation happened nearly two years ago), so I was amenable. Nothing came of this conversation, though, until a couple of weeks ago, when I was called by another parishioner who asked if I was still interested. She asked for a brief bio, which was then published in the bulletin, along with those of six other parishioners whom Fr. C. had asked to take part. Our first meeting was tonight. One gentleman was out of town, but the rest of us were able to hang out for a couple hours.

Anne, the parish administrator, had done a great job of putting together a slide show that gave a rather extensive background of the parish (which was helpful, since I didn't know that much). At this point, I don't think we have an agenda; we had all been mailed some examples of what other parish councils were about, but for the time being, we're thinking of ways we might improve the parish and the various associated groups. I know I have a few things to say about the women's group, and the music at the Saturday evening Mass, but I'm not sure how these things could be improved - I'm hoping that there will be some brainstorming involved; I'm curious to see what the other folks come up with.

One woman is perhaps within 10 years of my age (probably not that much older), but everyone else is at least, I'd say, 20 years older than I; I'm certainly the youngest one in attendance. Gaining insider knowledge about how my parish works, what the priest thinks of things, and having his ear are all things I'm glad of. Fr. C. is fairly vocal in his opinions, and has an idea of how things should be run - no shrinking violet, that one - but I think wants the perspective of a variety of parishioners who are personable, and who aren't entrenched in clique-ishness (one of the big problems of some of our groups). I think I'll enjoy the experience.

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