Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today was a wonderfully lazy day, except I decided that I wanted to be awake at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. Well, I didn't, and neither did my brain, but the rest of me overruled. I was not happy, but I went to the gym early (around 8:30 a.m.) and stopped off at the grocery store on the way home (because it's always better to go to the store when you've just worked out).

I generally disapprove of being this productive so early on a Saturday - all this accomplished by 9:45 a.m. - but I recovered by taking a nice nap and making my way through the latest book I've been reading: Ken Follett's Fall of Giants. I enjoy Follett - a friend had recommended The Pillars of the Earth years ago - but his books are all so mammoth (Fall of Giants runs 985 pages) that I can only read him if I'm not buried in work; I had to send back Fall of Giants once already because I was inundated. There's a recently released sequel. Winter of the World, that's patiently waiting for me at the library, and it'll be there until Tuesday, but I'd like to be a bit further along before I check out the sequel.

We had tickets for Quidem, a Cirque de Soleil performance, tonight. It was serendipitous that I happened to see the FaceBook ad telling me that they were performing locally this weekend. I've never seen a Cirque performance before, and I have to admit it was quite spectacular.

We stopped off for dinner at Pho Green Papaya (Thai/Vietnamese fusion) beforehand. It was really quite good; we had some excellent food. Turned out to be a great date night!

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