Thursday, November 8, 2012

Las Vegas, Day 1

Ed had to go to Las Vegas today for meetings that will go until tomorrow, so because we haven't had any vacation since before we were married (trips to bury one's parent don't count), we decided to stay for a long weekend. Ed took an earlier flight, and I came out after my classes. I arrived a lot earlier than I originally had planned - two of my classes opted for a work day, so I could catch an early-afternoon flight, and between that and catching an earlier shuttle, I got to the hotel by about 3 p.m.

I was only in Vegas once before, four years ago, and it hadn't actually occurred to me at the time to gamble (not that I would have had the money for it anyway, which is probably why I didn't think to partake; besides which, I get really easily overwhelmed by a lot of loud noises and blinking lights; I find it extremely unpleasant), but things weren't too bad today; I stared straight ahead and consciously avoided looking at all the slot machines. Lots of smokers, though, and a lot of people in cowboy hats; apparently there's the Indian National Finals Rodeo is taking place in our hotel this weekend (although I'll note we're only staying here one night; tomorrow we're moving to the Flamingo, where Donny & Marie are performing; I'll also note that Ed had never heard of Donny & Marie or the Osmonds).

So, the smell of smoke and beer permeate the casino, as do a lot of blinking lights and noises which tend to overwhelm me (this is why I never liked amusement parks too much - too much noise), so for the most part I've been hiding in our hotel room. Ed had a work dinner planned for 4 p.m., but seeing as how I'd only eaten three hours previously, I wasn't quite in the mood to feed myself, so I stayed put. This turned out to be a wise move; Ed had a two-hour meeting, which I definitely wouldn't have been welcome to, before they moved on to the buffet at the Stratosphere, which I would have liked to see (and by the time they got there, I would have been hungry), but it was probably better that I stayed behind. I had a fantastic dinner at Steak 'n Shake, and I splurged and had a strawberry milk shake with hot fudge, so it's been a good way to start the weekend.

Ed has more meetings tomorrow, but we have good plans for Saturday, and tomorrow we can relax during the evening and spend the rest fo the weekend enjoying each other.

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