Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fragments

The Occupy Sandy relief effort, working with the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew, created an Amazon registry that's comprised of non-perishable items such tools and hardware, and health and personal care items. The idea is that one can purchase what one can afford, and have them sent to, in this case, the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew (in Brooklyn), which will then disperse them where needed.

It's a horrendous situation; most folks have their power back, but some still don't, nearly two weeks after the fact, and many lost much more than their power, but instead of people who didn't lose anything (and that includes power; if the rest of your house is intact, unless you need electricity for medical purposes, this is a severe inconvenience), I'd rather see pragmatic approaches taken. People are getting help, but never as quickly as you'd like; there are still ways to help. Taking time to take stock of the situation and being shocked for some time is normal, but there comes a time when it just looks like you're continuing to fall apart. Do something about it.

(I donated two economy packs of diapars, in two different sizes, and an 864-count tub of baby wipes. Small donations, but this is how I can help.)


"Reestablish a relationship with your parents. You don't live with them anymore (hopefully) so start to appreciate them as human beings with toughts, flaws and feelings rather than soulless life ruiners who won't let you borrow their car.

"Eventually all these nobodies will make you crave a somebody. Have a real relationship with someone. Go on vacations together, exchange house keys, cry in their arms after a demoralizing day at work. Think about marrying them and maybe even get engaged. Regardless of the outcome, feel proud of yourself for being able to love someone in a healthy way.

"Think about having children when y ou stop acting like a child. This may not ever happen."

(from "How to be a 20-Something")


"Adolescents with Lesbian Mothers Describe Their Own Lives, the longest-running study of lesbian famiies, found that kids of lesbian parents are academically successful and happy with their lives. (Here's the full study.)

This comes on the heels of...the tuahor of a controversial study that claimed that children of same-sex parents were worse off than those raised by heterosexual couples," although later it was revealed that research was flawed

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