Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last month, I got a pretty bad cold. It's rare that I get colds that are that bad; this really knocked me out. I stopped going to the gym regularly - up until that point I was going four days a week. I had been tracking my food intake and calories I was burning at the gym with the MyFitnessPal iPhone app.

Then I got that cold, and things went downhill. Really downhill. I stopped going to the gym four times a week. I stopped tracking my food. I ate chocolate and other desserts that I had been managing to avoid. I gained weight.

Time to get back on track. I was doing really well, and now I'm not.
  • I need to get back to the gym four days a week.
  • I need to start using CurvesSmart again.
  • I need to use MyFitnessPal to track my calories.
  • I need to stop eating candy and desserts, and start eating more fruit and veggies. I have apples and bananas and grapes and Spicy Hot V8 and tomatoes and cucumber at home, or I need to get back to buying them on a regular basis. 
  • I need to watch portion sizes and eat smaller portions.
  • I need to watch my serving sizes.
If I stop eating desserts, chocolate, and candy, it'll be really hard for a week, but then it'll get better. I'm afraid I can't do that. I can't have a serving size of chocolate or dessert because I'm incapable of controlling myself.

I want to like the way I look. I want to feel pretty. I want to feel proud of myself. I want people to see me.

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