Monday, October 15, 2012

Greek Orthodox Baptism & In-Laws

This past weekend, Ed and I flew out to Massachusetts for a baptism: his cousin Nick and his wife Nada, who'd gotten married six weeks after Ed and I did, had a baby about six months ago (10 months after getting married). Ed and I - along with my parents and Ed's father, and a slew of other relatives Ed and I had never met before - were invited to the baptism, which was held at Holy Trinity Orthodox Hellenic Orthodox Church.

Ed and I hadn't even known the existance of many of these cousins until our wedding, and it was of course the first time we'd met Nick's wife. (We'd been invited to their wedding, and had planned on going, but Ed's losing his job so soon after our own wedding negated the possibility of travel.)

The ceremony was quite interesting, half in Greek and half in English, and lasted an hour. Ioannis was a bit cranky during the ceremony, which I suspect was held at his normal mid-morning nap time, and of course he howled when he was being chrismed and submerged, as well as when he was being changed into his baptismal clothing. It was a beautiful church (as Greek Orthodox churches tend to be).

Nada was such a nice person, as were many of the relatives Ed and I met for the first time, and Ioannis was absolutely gorgeous.

We had a great lunch after the baptism, after which we all dispersed, exhausted as we all were. Mom, Dad, Ed, and I went out to a pub for a light, late dinner; on Sunday, Mom, Ed, and I went to Mass at an Irish church that was across the street from the Greek Orthodox church, after which we picked up Dad and met Ed's father, Nick, Nada, Ioannis, and Nada's father for lunch at a Greek deli. Ioannis was extremely well-behaved, letting all of us hold him with no fussing. 

From Baby Limberopolous

It was such a happy weekend, a reprieve that Ed and I really needed.

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