Sunday, September 9, 2012

Greek Festival & Orthodoxy

The weekend after Labor Day, the local Greek Orthodox church, Holy Trinity Cathedral, holds a four-day Greek Festival. It's a huge affair - lots of dancing, cooking demonstrations, things to peruse; we went yesterday, and we ate very well.

Ed is a quarter Greek, and his father was raised Greek Orthodox; as practicing Catholics, it's interesting for Ed and me to compare the differences between the two religlions: For example, the Nicene Creed we say at Mass is only slightly different than the Nicene-Constantinoplitan Creed said during the Orthodox Mass. Much of the dogma is the same or in closer alignment, more so than with the Protestant branches.

We were struck by the beauty of the cathedral itself. Greek Orthodox cathedrals - and I have to say, every other Orthodox cathedral I've visited as well - are absolutely gorgeous. 

I'd particularly wanted to hear the Cathedral Choir sing - in this case, the joint choir of Holy Trinity Cathedral and Prophet Elias Church.

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