Thursday, April 26, 2012

Student Stories

Today was my last day of classes for the spring semester at SLCC. I really enjoyed my students; they were a lot of fun; they worked hard; they had a sense of humor (I cannot emphasize how much this helps). My evening class especially was fun this way - not that my early morning class wasn't fun, too, but 7 a.m. is hard to swallow and hard to exhibit any enthusiasm for, even in the best of circumstances. I was kinda bummed when I came home this evening; I get really attached to some of them. 

In any case, in my evening class there had been some early-semester mocking of my artistic skills. (We had been brainstorming and the different ways in which one might organize an essay.) This week we had been discussing the students' ePortfolio, the medium by which the students will showcase their essays (as opposed to hard copies). Two of the assignments, the Writer's Introduction and the Reflective Essay, were similar enough to cause confusion, so I had to resort to drawing on the board, that the Writer's Introduction would need to be uploaded or linked, like their other essays, while the Reflective Essay would need to be copied and pasted as text above their links.

Thus, we had this conversation on Tuesday:

Me: Ok, so I'm going to draw a picture; maybe it'll help, but no making fun of my drawing. These circles are your essays; you're uploading or linking them - this link [represented by a circle] is your rhetorical analysis, this one [another circle] is your op-ed, and so on, whereas your reflection  [where I drew the squiggly lines] gets typed up here. Does that make it any clearer?

[Student raises his hand.]

Me: Yes [student name redacted for reasons that will soon become apparent]?

Student: So it's like a Flintstone's Tablet?

[Students lose it.]

Me: Dammit, [Student].

This afternoon, we had a repeat, only the student drew a little dinosaur to help.


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