Sunday, March 11, 2012


In the past two years, I've heard of several acquaintences getting married.

Of all these new weddings I've been hearing about, Ed and I had the shortest dating span (8 months) before we got engaged, which itself was a lot shorter (10 months) than many of my acquaintances.

While a few of these folks are around our age or a few years older, more than half are five-to-ten years younger than we are (those five-to-ten years can make a big difference in terms of financial security and readiness; had Ed and I started dating 10 years ago, we probably would have had a longer engagement).
  • I'm grateful we aren't starting out our married life in an apartment, that Ed already owned a house years before we even got together. (Apartment living has lots its appeal.)
  • I'm grateful we don't have roommates. (Roommates never had much appeal.)
  • I'm grateful Ed works for an airline, and that if we have a flexible schedule we can non-rev (fly standby), even internationally. 
    • (This is not to say that we wouldn't buy tickets if necessary; for our wedding, for example, we bought tickets, since otherwise we'd have a standby situation, and we didn't want to miss our own wedding because of flying standby for the week beforehand.)
  • I'm grateful Ed hasn't been married before, that this is the first marriage for both of us. (From the view of a practicing Catholic, I wouldn't have been able to marry someone who's been divorced.)

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