Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 CCCC Annual Convention: Thursday

The convention began Wednesday with pre-convention workshops, with sessions beginning Thursday morning. I, however, did not arrive until Thursday afternoon, just in time to make it for the last session of the day.

I had hoped to attend one of Thursday's featured session, "Gateways to Leadership: A Reflective Roundtable on Opportunities Within NCTE and CCCC," a session designed "to help conferece attendees think about ways in which they might seek out and occupy small or large leadership roles," but the session was double booked, and no one quite seemed to know how to resolve it - and the group kept up and walking off, without making general announcements, so I gave up trying to figure out where they might be headed.

Instead, I randomly wandered into what turned out to be an interesting session: "Online Instruction: Teachers, Assessment, and The Writing Center." I missed part of the first presentation, the result of which led to my missing his key points, but the other two speakers had some interesting points. Nanelle Norcross of Western Illinois University spoke of the benefits of serving contemporary students in the online writing center, opining that the availability of online tutoring sources and resources allowed for students to develop and strenghten different skills. Furthermore, the availability of online tutoring, and well-trained tutors, reached another segment of students who might not otherwise have persused help. And Tim Jensen of Ohio State had used online surveys extensively in his composition courses, namely as a means to get his students more involved and have them take more ownership for their learning, thereby creating a more collaborative learning environment within his classes.

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