Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 CCCC Annual Convention: Saturday

Today was a short day: Since it was the last day of the convention, only three concurrent sessions being held. Between the limited number of sessions being offered, and my brain being a bit overloaded, I only stayed for two speakers at two different sessions.

In the first panel of the day, "Privacy, Rhetoric, and Composition: Addressing the Public/Private Distinction in Digital Environments," I heard my Twitter friend Michael Faris from Penn State speak of analyzing the rhetoric of Facebook's privacy policies, the implications extending to the conflict of public information versus private information and the accessibility of information (how easy it is to access and understand privacy policies, for example, or the overlap between private profiles, public profiles, and the in-between), and the way(s) in which privacy policies affect not only our online presence, but our understanding thereof.

In the next session - "Immigration in the Writing Classroom" - Glenn Hutchinson from Florida International University addressed whether education can be illegal; he spoke at length regarding the problems "illegals" can face when attempting to go on to higher education. For me this was an eye opener in that I hadn't quite realized the severity of the situation that students who have lived in this country for most of their lives might face.

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