Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ed and I have, for the past number of weeks, been enrolled in our parish's RCIA class; I've gotten as many of the sacraments as I can get, at least for the moment, but Ed has never been confirmed, and because I'm interested in this sort of thing, it's something we can do together.

We thoroughly enjoy our priest, Fr. Carley, a man about our parents' age, who hails from Co. Tipperary, Ireland. This is the first priest with whom I've had any extended contact, and the first one whom I've known as an adult. One doesn't expect one's parish priest to cuss up a storm or be a drinker as such; beer and boxes of wine have been provided at each meeting, and while Ed had a beer the first night, he hasn't had one since, and of course I haven't had any at all; there are a handful of attendees who put away quite a few. And Fr. Carley, of course, will have one or two as well.

We were told that the meetings would start at 7:30 and last until 9, although any and all were welcome to stay afterwards for discussion. We both have such long days that start early that we're ready to leave by 9, but we have run into the issue that Fr. Carley simply won't stop talking. (Shocking.) There's not even a suitable pause where we can leave.

Fortunately, at least the classes interesting, despite Fr. Carley's (rather common) tangents; at the moment we're still in the Old Testament history, some of which I know, but a lot of which I don't. It's interesting to get so much of the Biblical history. As a class we've begun reading Christ Among Us, which admittedly I haven't started yet, but Ed has.

I'm interested in seeing how the class will take form. For the moment it's been Fr. Carley lecturing for the entire time, with the occasional question from the class thrown in, but I'm not sure what else the class will entail.

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