Monday, November 14, 2011

Peeping Toms

I'm teaching three classes this semester: Class number one meets in Liberal Arts; class number two meets in Gunther Technology; class number three meets in Liberal Arts. I have five and a half hours between classes one and two, and 15 minutes between classes two and three, so after class number one (which ends at 8:50 a.m.), I immediately hop in my car and drive the 0.8 miles to the parking lot closest to Gunther Tech. (Yes, I could walk it, but we've now reached the season of Freaking Cold Out There, and I doubt my ability to walk that distance quickly while carrying heavy stuff using my back and at least one arm in the 15 minutes betwen classes two and three.) 

If I don't get a move on and head on over to Gunther Tech right away, I will lose whatever chance there is at getting one of the few remaining parking spots there are at 9 a.m., and I will sit in the car for an undetermined amount of time waiting for someone to give up a parking space. (Really, parking on campus is terrible.) I could try to find another place to hang out for a few hours, but by this point in the semester, I know that if I can grab one of those parking spaces, there's an excellent chance that I can also grab one of the precious few desks that are positioned by an outlet in the breezeway that connects Gunther Tech with the Computer Science building, which means I can then use my MacBook, which at this point won't hold a charge for more than about five minutes. Plus, I don't want to spend hours wondering at what point I can or should leave, how long the wait would otherwise be to get a parking spot, etc. I'd rather just park myself somewhere uninterruptedly for five hours. 

Gunther Tech houses most of UVU's trade programs, but it also houses the music program and, if it doesn't also house the dance program, the dance program is very close by such thatt he restroom closest to where I hang out is often filled with (female) dancers changing in and out of various dance clothes. This does not interest me so much because I have all the same parts they of (except theirs are admittedly a lot more attractive and in shape than mine are).

In any case, posted to the inside of the doors today there were signs posted that read: "It has come to the attention of the police that there are men who sit out across the hall of this restroom to observe things that go on in this area, mostly that of you ladies who are changing for dance classes and other things. Please be aware of your surroudings. If you need to change your clothing here try to do so in a manner that protects yourself from some voyeur who is trying to take an unsuspecting photo of you in a compromising position."



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