Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Catholic Mass

Since this weekend we're celebrating Advent, which is the beginning of the liturgical year (fitting, that the liturgical year starts with the birth of Jesus), the Church decided that this would be an apt time to introduce a new translation of the Mass. As has been noted, the new Mass is already causing a stir. I missed the Second Vatican Council by 12 years, so I've never experienced any changes to the Mass.

It's certainly jarring to have specific phrases changed. It's not necessarily all bad, but I caught myself saying prayers the old way automatically, even while looking at the new translation.

Our priest is unhappy with the changes, and in some cases I can understand why; obviously, no matter how things are translated, someone's going to be unhappy. I do like some of the new language used. I have limited experience with translation, but I can appreciate the difficulty that comes with creating and updating a translation.

I'm just glad I ordered that new Missal - whenever it comes. (Originally advertised as available in late November, it is now said to be available in January 2012.)

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