Monday, November 7, 2011


It was not a big surprise that my proposal was not accepted to the upcoming 4Cs conference in St. Louis. (I've never had one accepted.) I was offered the position to chair a session, though, which I accepted, figuring that if plans changed (namely, the lack of finances), I could always not go. I reserved a hotel - the cheapest rate I could find - but so far have not registered. The next steps are to attempt to obtain funding from UVU, so I looked into acquiring travel funds.

I asked the department chair, who asked a few pertinent questions, but (nicely) told me he could not offer me any funding because I'm not actually presenting a paper. Well, that wasn't too much of a surprise; I go into these things figuring the worst anyone will say is no, and I won't have been any worse for wear.

It was a long shot, but I sent an official inquiry to the Faculty Center, but neglected (stupidly) to actually complete the form, which I only realized as I was hitting the "submit" button. One is required to ask for funds frome one's department first, since departmental funds theoretically offset whatever funds the Faculty Center offers.

This evening I was CC'd on the e-mail from the department chair, who, in reply to the Faculty Center inquiry, noted that while he would be happy to see me attend the convention, he suspected my request for funding would be denied because, apart from submitting an incomplete application, I was an adjunct and not presenting.

I'm not sure what my being an adjunct has to do with anything. Either one is presenting at a convention or not, regardless of status. It's nice to know that my status as an adjunct might be seen as detrimental, and a deterrent in getting funding in the future.

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