Friday, June 24, 2011

Rough Start

We've been married just over six week now, and things have gotten off to a shaky start. The day after we got married, I got that official e-mail from UVU offering me three writing classes, which was fantastic; but about a week or so later, we learned that Ed is in danger of losing his job. He's had to interview for his position, and now it's two weeks later (about a month since we've heard his job might go to someone else), and we still haven't heard anything definitive; it wasn't until today that the other two candidates were finally scheduled for their interviews. Since then he's interviewed for a customer service position, which would be ideal because it would mean he could stay employed at SkyWest, and we'd still have health (and flight) benefits, but it would be less than ideal because it would be a pay cut.

The waiting has been the absolute worst part of it, but there's nothing for it, which is just as bad.

My job searches have been a bit more promising. I got the paperwork sorted out with UVU, and can at some point this summer take care of getting an employee ID and parking permit. And yesterday I was interviewed at South Hills Middle School, where I'd had a long-term subbing position last fall, for a reading teacher assistant position, which I was offered this morning. The pay isn't great - it's not a position that calls for licensure - but the administration is supportive, the other teachers and kids are nice, and administration is willing to be flexible in terms of scheduling, which is great because that means I don't have to give up my UVU classes.

In between all these interviews, we've both been going to various doctors and trying to get ourselves healthy. I haven't had regular, good health insurance in over a decade, so I've had appointments at the dentist and with my primary care doctor, among others; Ed has had some medical appointments, too, that I've been accompanying him on, and which in some cases have been cause for worry. (Fortunately things have largely worked themselves out on that end.) There are some medical issues with which I could use help, so I have upcoming appointments with a podiatrist (Is it over sharing to mention the calluses from hell?) and a dietitian.

And between updating my name with various agencies and running various errands, it's been a busy time, and not alway altogether happy. Not tragic, but stressful and worrisome. This is not how we'd wanted to start our marriage; we'd been hoping for a honeymoon, which will likely be delayed until next summer at this point; originally we'd hoped for January, but my position at the middle school negates that possibility. (Is it still a honeymoon if it's more than a year after the wedding?)

All this has made me happy that Melissa, our wedding photographer, has been steadily uploading pictures to an online gallery. I don't believe she's done yet, but every few days more pictures appear. She's done a fantastic job, and we're really pleased with how the pictures have been coming out. It makes me happy to see a reflection of such a happy day.

This is one of my favorites; Ed looks so happy (I'm a sucker for the dimple):


This one makes me happy, too, but for entirely different reasons. Melissa did not take this picture; I'm not entirely sure who did, but it showed up on FaceBook; it's a picture of my cousins Ciara (bridesmaid) and Aidan (groomsman).


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