Monday, May 9, 2011

Marriage License

This afternoon, Ed and I went to the Lehigh County Courthouse to apply for a marriage license. We had to go to Room 123.5. (I wonder why the marriage licensing is part of the Orphans' Court.)

It was quite a process that involved about an hour and a half of waiting; there were a few couples ahead of us, and as we moved on down the line, more couples wound up behind us. The older couple behind us in line were particularly embittered, and complained about the waiting, how terrible it was that there was only one clerk, what an inconvenience the whole process was; apparently they'd been married before, got divorced, and had decided to remarry, but I was unsure that either of them thought too highly of marriage to begin with. The clerk herself, although certainly pleasant, let us know how frazzled she was. (The line did seem interminable.)

However, we had nothing else planned for; today we set aside for the sole purposes of getting the marriage certificate, which we were duly given:


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