Monday, May 16, 2011

Life Update: Marital Status Change

So, two big things happened to me this weekend. These two things made my weekend kinda awesome, but for right now, one thing at a time.

First of all, I went and got married. On Friday we held the rehearsal, which went pretty well, although a stupid traffic jam caused groomsmen Jason and Ed's parents to be late, and once we began the rehearsal, the bridesmaids messed up The Walk, and the groomsmen messed up The Escorting Thereof, which frustrated the priest. (The horrors of bad spacing will cause people to start bunching up and we certainly Can't Have That.)  We had the rehearsal dinner at Manor House Inn, which was fantastic. The dinner was really excellent (Mom had chosen a few appetizers, which were circulated, and a few entrees and desserts from which folks could choose. I had the bouillabaisse. It was yummy.) We had about 30 folks at the rehearsal dinner, and everyone got along great. Ed and I sat at a table with Matron of Honor Maria and her new fiancee Alec, whom I'd never met and who has proven his ability to snark, which bodes well; and Best Man Alex and his wife Karen also sat with us. It was a hoot; we got very loud and became That Table that you just don't want to sit next to because you can't hear your own conversation.

The wedding itself was fantastic. (What, too many superlatives?) Our photographer, Melissa Jaarsma, came to the house and took some photos of my Justin, Cheng, my parents, and I being disorganized getting ready before she ran over to the church. I got to the church at the last possible moment, but the ceremony went wonderfully; my mom and aunt did their readings; Ed's mom did hers; Ed's dad did his. Bridesmaid/cousin/fiddler Bronwyn played at the ceremony, too, which did not make me sniffly, and that's the story I'm sticking to.

We had our reception at the Hotel Bethlehem, which did a great job. The bridal party was given a room on the third floor such that we could rest our weary wheels while the staff brought us drinks and some of the appetizers we'd ordered and which were being circulated downstairs. Our ballroom was decorated simply but well, everyone circulated well, and there was much with the dancing. By all accounts everyone had a great time (us included). 

So few things went wrong that it was amazing, and were largely inconsequential details that no one else noticed. I slipped a bit on my dress at the very end walking down the aisle (although folks noticed that one); the priest was apparently irritated that we started a few minutes late, and didn't bother with so much as a "Congratulations!" or "God Bless!" at the end of the ceremony, instead just disappearing into the ether; my dad forgot his vest and forgot to shave; we had five no-shows so one table was about half-filled. (Which, really, people? Show up at wedding if you've said you will.) But there were no problems with vendor arrival or delivery of the cake or flowers; Rick-the-DJ was wonderful, as was Melissa-the-photographer, both of whom were very professional but nice.

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