Saturday, May 21, 2011

Life Update: Employed

The day after Ed and I got married, I got an official offer of employment from Utah Valley University.

In March I received an e-mail asking if I would be available for an interview. The date of the interview - of course - coincided with a previously scheduled meeting with the priest in Pennsylvania. We rescheduled the meeting with Msgr. Baver and I went on the interview. I was told that by mid-April there would be a better idea of the number of faculty needed to cover classes. I had not heard any news by mid-April, so I e-mailed John, the English department professor with whom I had scheduled my interview, only to be told that the schedule was still being worked on.

Finally, this past Sunday, I got the e-mail officially offering me two sections of English (ENG) 1010 - College Writing I. It was noted that it would make for a long day, but would I also consider teaching a third section of ENG 1010 that met at 8 a.m.? (Yes, please!)

So ultimately I've wound up with three sections of ENG 1010, two of which meet twice a week (Monday and Wednesday afternoons), and one of which meets three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings). This leaves me with two days a week I can continue to be a sub for the Jordan School District.

I think I'm the least-educted person in the English department; although not everyone has his credentials listed, here I am, with 30 graduate credits but technically without an M.A., teaching at a university.

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