Thursday, May 26, 2011


Everything is annoying me about this subbing assignment:

  • The kids in first period who kept turning on the radio, even after I told them to turn it off; eventually I turned it off multiple times myself before unplugging it;
  • The kids in first period (yep) who threw bunches of staples at me;
  • The kid in second period who kept burping loudly on purpose until I snapped at him to stop;
  • The kids who leave the classroom without asking (there are no hall passes the last two weeks of school);
  • The kids who perpetually ask to be allowed to turn on the stereo ("But the other teacher/sub/adult let us do it!");
  • The kids who eat and drink in class;
  • The kids who are disrespectful, who don't listen when I tell them to do something, and then ask why I'm angry and genuinely don't seem to understand why I'm upset (this confusion is likely an act).

I left first period in the middle of the class today not only to regain my composure but to go to the Main Office to tell the secretaries that they would need to find someone to cover my classes after my prep period. (I changed my mind, but I might reconsider.)

I'm also considering e-mailing the Substitute Teacher Office to advise the woman who works there that she would need to find someone to complete the assignment. 

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