Monday, April 18, 2011

The Saga

The church where I attend services has been in existence since about 1964, but before I moved to West Jordan, the old church building (which looked, to put it kindly, a bit like a barn) was torn down; Masses were held in the social hall for over a year while a new church was constructed. A dedication was scheduled for December 19th, 2010, but there were issues with the delivery of the Baptismal Font, so the dedication has been rescheduled for May 1st, which is much more fitting since May 1st is the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker, for whom our parish is named.

The Saga of the Baptismal Font has been a thorn in the priest's side.

Apparently the most cost effective way to get the font that was wanted was to have it ordered from China, where it was hand carved from one giant piece of rock by little old Chinese artisans. (They may not have all been little or old.) Machinery could not be used, or at the very least was not used for some other reason. The font was originally going to arrive in November; then around Christmastime; then No One Really Knew. (Or as the priest put it, We don't know when the hell it will show up. He's the first priest I've met who curses. Sometimes it's even appropriate.)

Finally the baptismal font was finished, and on the literal slow boat from China, where it would arrive at the Port of Los Angeles, then stuck on a train for Salt Lake City. How they got it from the boat to the train is beyond me. It finally arrived at St. Joe's in March, but there were delays in installing it because of plumbing, or piping, or the weather, or some combination thereof.

Yesterday was the first day I saw it in which it was actually full of water and completely installed. It's fairly impressive. And really, really big.


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