Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recreational Drug Usage

On whether a young woman should break up with her long-term boyfriend because of his recreational drug use, about which he then proceeded to lie multiple times to her, advice columnist Wendy Atterberrry replied:

"Personally, I don't see what the big deal is about your boyfriend smoking pot a couple of times or popping an Adderall to help him study. Sure, you can argue that it's illegal, but I happen to think some of the drug laws in our country are seriously ridiculous."

The advice given struck me as that which would be given be someone who has never had a career that could be affected by a criminal record. The illegality of drugs should be enough of a reason, in my mind, to exit the relationship. If he/they get caught, there could be consequences that affect their careers. That others could get hurt in some capacity, and that drugs tend to do bad things to he who is taking them, would be other reasons. 

As it is, I would not date anyone who currently drinks heavily, gets drunk, or is a recreational drug user. I can't afford to get caught with someone who would take part in those behavior. There tends to be zero tolerance for that behavior in teachers; I would not let ruin anyone my career because of his behavior. I choose not to spend much time around people who get drunk, because I read that behavior as stupid and something one does in college when you're in your early 20s.

(I do have friends who are socially heavy drinkers (as in, during certain occasions they drink heavily, but so far as I know this does not occur on a regular basis), but those who don't seem to have any hobbies other than drinking heavily are being cut out of my life. I'm too old for friends like that, and they're too old to be acting like that themselves.)

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