Wednesday, February 2, 2011

S.S. Comma

During my lunch/prep period today, I ran down to the copy room to make copies for tomorrow's peer review exercise, and since the copy room is down the hall from the office, I picked up my mail. One of the items in the mailbox was a request from a student who wanted help with his science fair project. I needed to answer two questions ("What subject do you teach? What department are you in?") and then draw a picture on the back of the paper based on what department I was in. For example, math teachers were to draw a flower; history teachers were to draw a lightbulb; administrators or counselors were to draw a school; a secretary or support personnel were to draw an airplane.

I was to draw a boat in the ocean. Behold the S.S. Comma!

A student caught me coloring. Yes, I used crayons. It was fun, dammit.

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